Globeducate is the first international schools group to partner with WWF

Why did we choose WWF?


  • Our teachers and students can benefit from a wealth of educational resources created in a variety of languages
  • WWF team and educational outreach in 100+ countries
  • WWF played key role with UN in identifying the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030
  • WWF vision is “To create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together”
  • WWF will support schools in sourcing inspirational speakers
  • WWF online training for Sustainability Education for teachers




 WWF PROJECTS for 2020









The Eco-Schools Seven Steps methodology is a series of carefully engineered measures to help schools maximise the success of their Eco-School ambitions. The method involves a wide diversity of individuals from the school community - with students playing a primary role in the process. The most important aspect for schools to remember is that every school is different and it is therefore critical that a school fits the seven steps around its circumstances and situation and NOT try to fit the school into the seven steps.


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