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ISN Weekly Update
Posted 24/05/2019 04:17PM

Dear ISN Parents,


If you heard some extra noise of cheering and applauding coming from school this afternoon, it was probably the Grade 12 students, who were celebrating the end of their IB Diploma examinations. As the IB Diploma is an externally examined programme of studies, the exams are sent off to a central clearing house, where they are scanned and then dispatched electronically to examiners all over the world for marking. The final scores will be coming out in July, and we look forward to some excellent results, given all of the hard work and preparation that the students and teachers have put out over the past two years.


Another set of exams took place this past week as well: the ABSRM music exams, and we are very pleased to be able to announce that all of our music students taking ABRSM exams have passed. There were  2 Passes, 3 Merits &  3 Distinctions. A big congratulations to Ms. Gilli and the students for all of the work that went into these achievements. 


The Grade 11 students began their university admissions applications yesterday (yes, the 2020 application cycle has begun!). Many of the universities to which ISN students apply are ones that have a holistic approach to admissions; i.e., it is not just a matter of examination results, but rather of extra-curricular activities and contributions as well. For example, on the applications for both UK and US universities, the students can put down achievements such as the ABSRM results, which can help them "stand out from the pack" when it comes to getting into highly selective programmes.  All of the "added-value" factors of an ISN education, such as the music exams, the sports tournaments, public speaking courses, etc. go a long way in helping our students develop, mature and prepare for their post-ISN careers.  


Wishing all of you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


David Johnson,

ISN Director

International School of Nice

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06200 Nice, France
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