Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

CAS is an integral part of the IB Diploma. Students coming into 11th Grade are required to begin an experiential programme to complement their regular classes and encourage the growth of the 'whole person'. CAS stands for Creativity, Action, and Service. When well carried out, CAS should build self-esteem, self-confidence, autonomy and self-reliance.

The CAS programme at ISN aims to encourage students to take initiatives, to explore activities that are new to them and to consider the difference that they as individuals may make in a number of different settings and environments. They all give their time to help and support our school community. Outside of School many students are also involved in physical activities and charity work : UNICEF, Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco, Amnesty International, Sens Afrique Solidaire…

Every year Grade 11 CAS students work collaboratively on an international Voluntary project. This year they will be raising money to support a Primary school and an orphanage in Rampur, Nepal. A group of grade 11 CAS students will then be travelling to Nepal to work alongside the local children.


Welcome to the new Grade 11 CAS students! They have shown great enthusiasm and energy since September and engaged in many ambitious projects in and out of ISN. Performing for the musical, helping in the Lower School, working for local associations, supporting grade 6 students, challenging themselves in swimming, dancing or trampoline, organizing concerts, football tournaments and fond raising activities, they are everywhere!


Our Nepal team is now complete!! 16 students will join in this fantastic and challenging experience. We will be located in Chitwan 5h South from Katmandu, hosted by the local families, working with the school and local orphanage. We are also lucky to be involved in a horticultural conservation project. We will be leaving on the 22nd of June and back on the 6th of July.


Well done to Alina who created a recycled bag made out of tennis rackets for the association Artsens. The sale will finance expedition projects in the Alps for handicapped people.


A group of creative and ambitious Art students support the association Sens Afrique Solidaire, which raises awareness of the dramatic situation of elephants in Kenya by making recycled paper from elephant dropping.


Our Unicef Young Ambassadors supported African Jigsaw and collected money to finance educational projects in Africa.

Les Anges de Monaco

Les Anges de Monaco are pleased to welcome 3 new angels in their team: Martino, Lorenzo and Jean Paul (grade 12). They will be spending one evening a week with the association to visit and support the homeless people in Nice. Their first night out has been quite a shock to them, but it will clearly be a very enriching experience. They came back full of enthusiasm and ideas to go further with the project, be prepared to hear about it!

Semaine du goût

This year again, CAS students and the French department have organized a fun week of activities around Food and flavours of the world. Semaine du Goût 2014 will be concentrating on Tea, with a special visit from a tea company to explain the making and specificity of this famous beverage. The cake competition will be the highlight of the week and will support the new 2015 CAS project!

Amnesty International

A group of amazing CAS students decided to support Amnesty and help with their local projects. They organized a fantastic evening in Antibes, featuring our High School band for the very first time! Well done!

Thank you to the Amnesty Internatioanl CAS team for this fun weekend!

The girls proudly represented our school on Friday night during the "nuit du court métrage des droits humains" (our two selected G9 videos were shown and praised!) 


20 active and well prepared CAS students then participated in the flash mob organized to open the Amnesty movie festival in Nice on Saturday. It was a success and a lot of fun!

Thank you all for your presence and your support!

CAS students watched the movie "The week Nelson Mandela died" with the movie Director at ISN and  discussed the Apartheid and  racial issues in South Africa.


We are pleased to see our Grade 6 and 11 buddies getting to know each other better; they are looking forward to partying together for the Halloween disco!

Guide Dogs Association

we were lucky to welcome “L’association des chiens guides d’aveugles” last month to present their work. They are always looking for host families for their puppies!

International Women's Day

On Monday 9th of March throughout school we celebrated International Women's day through many different events such as the choir singing and Nick Danziger who came to talk to us. We also held a charity auction in which we sold menus prepared by the male students and teachers of high school to students and teachers throughout the school.

Middle school and high school students have made the event a success! The amount of money raised will go to the girls ‘orphanage in Nepal. 

Nick Danziger, our guest, has travelled the world taking photographs and making documentary films, and has become one of the world’s most renowned photojournalists. His photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines worldwide, toured museums and galleries internationally, and are held in numerous museum collections including the National Portrait Gallery in London, the National Media Museum in Bradford and Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. 

Louis Nucera - CAS Project

As part of their CAS program, a group of enthusiastic ISN students spent a week at Louis Nucera Middle School. They all enjoyed getting to know each other and taking part in fun activities around Nice (video of the Questionnaire de Proust, Aquasplash, Vaugrenier, Terra Amata museum, bowling, cinema...). It has been an enriching and unforgettable week, everyone is looking forward to developing projects together next year and encourage English learning!

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 2015


15 Impressive Grade 11 CAS students fought the rain and supported the G12 project in Sri Lanka during the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 2015 on Saturday. They proudly opened the March and made it an intense and memorable experience, we can be proud of them! 


12 fantastic CAS students spent 10 intense days working at the Millennium Elephant Foundation in Kegalle and the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation project in Sri Lanka. They also met with the local schools to develop a  "Wild Life Club" between primary schools in Sri Lanka and in Nice. Thank you ISN for your support in this project!


A huge MERCI to our CAS students who brilliantly coordinated the Banque Alimentaire project at ISN and in Nice Garibaldi and for giving their time, their smile and their patience all day on Saturday for the Banque Alimentaire National Food Collect. We should all support their effort and participate!

Our CAS students collected 1039 kg food on Saturday. Well done!

Bake Sale


The Bake Sale was led by grades 10 and 11 aiming to raise money for MOAS Migrant Off Shore Aid Station ­ working to save the lives of migrants in the Mediterranean and the Aegean and the CAS trip to Vietnam.

“La métamorphose du livre” project

Some G11 CAS students have worked on a demanding Art project for the last few weeks entitled “La métamorphose du livre” with the foundation Artsens, a  local charity sponsored by UNESCO which creates all sorts of beautiful objects out of recycled material. For this initiative, they volunteered to create an artwork out of old books.

They proudly represented ISN for the opening of their exhibition in Nice!They were praised for their work and their involvement in the community.Bravo!

CAS Project Bon Voyage

Well done to Serena, Vlada and Nikolay for their fantastic job this morning at Bon Voyage 1 Primary School! They managed to lead a creative workshop about sea turtles (in English). The kids loved it and begged them to come back soon! 

UNICEF Football Tournament

Our UNICEF Young Ambassadors Caterina, Olivier and Audrey organized on Wednesday  evening the UNICEF football tournament. A big thank you to the players, our referee and to the organisers.

Sens Solidaire CAS Project

Well done Vlada and Nikolay! They spent the entire day on Saturday setting up the exhibition for SensSolidaire at the Maison de l'environnement. They were in charge of the Sri Lanka section (project between Nucera Primary School and Sri Lanka Primary organized by our Grade 12.) Please feel free to go and have a look, SensSolidaire is awarded the Trophee d' Honneur de l'Environnement from Nice for this ambitious project! 

CAS Nucera Project - Master Chef

A few Happy moments of our CAS project at Louis Nucera. Our Students are making us proud and clearly enjoy the experience, they organized the first Nucera Master Chef all in English today, it was brilliant!! Ready for acrobranche tomorrow! 

CAS Vietnam Trip

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